Pregnancy update – 32 weeks


I’m now 32 weeks, which is around 7 and a half months !! It’s just all going so fast 🙂

The baby room is almost ready and we have almost all the gear we need so I can definitely feel the end approaching 😉 I’ve been feeling really great the last few weeks, and despite a rocky start with the depressed feelings, I can say I truly enjoy being pregnant ! All this energy I’ve had lately is so nice. I also love dressing up my bump ! I’ll post an article about my favorite maternity clothes brands.


I have gained 8 kilos so far, but I’m going to gain more every week from now on as our baby girl gains more fat to be ready for life on the other side 😉


Ok when I said she was moving all the time at 23 weeks I didn’t know what I was talking about aha !! I can actually see her clearly moving through my belly and she has hiccups twice a day. I know I will miss feeling her like that ! But then she’ll be in my arms <3


It’s getting a little harder to move in my bed and my pregnancy pillow is really my savior. Otherwise I sleep pretty well, apart from some very strange dreams and nightmares,


Nesting mode came in strong a few weeks ago and I cleaned the entire house.

I’ve been having heartburn since August and it’s not fun ! It gets worse when I eat sugar and chocolate so I try to avoid them but I’m not always strong enough so I kind of punish myself aha. I feel like a dragon about to blow fire.

At around 31 weeks I started feeling my belly tense if I walked too much, so I know I have to slow down 😉

I’m short of breath after going up the stairs and I don’t remember the last time I exercised… But I did swim a lot in the Maldives which felt great !


Still no particular cravings and no crazy appetite either, maybe because I normally eat a lot 🙂

My iron levels are low so I try to eat iron-rich foods, I take supplements and I do smoothies with spinach.