Pregnancy update – 23 weeks

So much has happened since I announced my pregnancy so I thought I’d do a little update 🙂 As I announced on instagram, we are having a baby girl ! I’m really enjoying my pregnancy right now.

HOW FAR ALONG : I’m now at 23 weeks which is almost 6 months ! It’s going so fast I can’t believe it.


So far I’ve gained 6 kilos which is quite normal according to my midwife. Too much information but I gained a ton a cellulite, especially on thighs and butt !! I’m hoping it’s hormonal and it will go away aha.

When I found out I was pregnant I had high hopes about working out everyday and doing yoga but in reality, I think I did one workout in the first 3 months and then maybe 1 every two weeks and zero yoga…

When I announced I was pregnant I barely had a belly but now it’s there and growing ! One week I could still fit in my regular clothes and the next nothing fit anymore ! It’s been a real challenge to find work appropriate outfits but I found a few that I will share in a post soon.


She is basically dancing in my belly everyday now, which is the best feeling ever !! She has patterns, like she is very active in the morning and around 4 pm, and sometimes in the middle of the night too 🙂 She kicks everytime Pierre puts his hand on my belly. I started to feel her moving around 18 weeks, which is also where my bump appeared.

Photography : B Wings photography


I sleep very well so far, except that I wake up 2 or 3 times per night to pee 😀 and that I have the weirdest and most vivid dreams !!


The fatigue is gone, I haven’t felt depressed in a few weeks. I don’t know if it’s the hormones that have stabilized or the fact that I started hypnosis but it feels really good to be myself again.

I’m starting to have heartburn, which feels like I’m about to blow fire so I make sure not to eat too close to my bedtime. I still have no stretch marks, hopefully I won’t have any ! Pierre massages my belly with coconut oil or jojoba oil every night which is so nice.


My craving for vinegar and pickled gherkins from the beginning is gone and now I don’t have particular craving. I’m not even that hungry and I feel full so fast.


We’ve known the name since before I was even pregnant and we’re so bad at keeping secret that we have told our families and friends but here I’ll keep it secret a bit more. It’s very original so be prepared though 😀

We have done the long ultrasound and we saw her face in 3D !!

Here are some progress photos

                         16 weeks                                                               19 weeks                                                    21 weeks

      20 weeks                                                       22 weeks                                                            23 weeks

4,5 months

5 months