My grandparents have travelled the world and my grandma always says that her favorite trip was Petra. I was dreaming to go and it’s only a short flight away from Doha so we went for 3 days in January 2015. I was afraid that we would be cold but the weather was actually perfect and because we hiked we didn’t feel cold at all !

We rented a car from Amman airport and then drove ourselves to Petra. We booked a room at the Movenpick Petra which is right in front of the gates so we could start exploring first thing in the morning.

We started on the main trail, which is where all the famous sights are located. Halfway through we noticed some steps going left and up so we decided to explore. It took us on a 3 hours trail in the most amazing landscapes, and we literally saw 2 people along the way. We loved the fact that we had the place all to ourselves !! We caught up with the main trail along the way and only realized during the return that we were on the Al-Khubtha trail which they consider hard !

On the main trail there are a lot more people of course, and options to pay for a donkey, horse or camel ride. We preferred to walk but we almost had to fight aha, they were super insistant and kept telling Pierre that I would love him more if he payed me a donkey ride 😉

We were back at our hotel for the sunset and had a cosy night. We would have loved to go to the Dead Sea and explore more of Jordan but we only had a few days off so we drove back the next day (and it’s a good excuse to go back !).