Our civil wedding

Pierre and I met in Qatar in 2012. Everything went very fast and we knew pretty much from the beginning that we had found “the one”. However in Qatar it’s not allowed to live together without being married so after only one and a half year together, we decided to get married !

We chose to do a civil wedding first, and to take more time to organize our religious wedding afterwards.

We wanted to do something very simple (and we only had 5 months to organize) so the initial plan was a picnic in a field close to my mom’s house in Belgium. The Belgian weather decided otherwise and we ended up doing the picnic in my moms living room ! We had straw bales and a big gingham blanket that we made specially for that occasion.

My local florist made my flower crown and big bouquets that we put in straw baskets (I didn’t know Elodie back then!). We kept everything simple, big platters of cheese and wine, an awesome playlist made by one of our close friend (which kept us dancing until 6h30 in the morning !).

Kasia Bacq photographed our pretty day. I didn’t want to spend a lot on my dress so I looked in H&M and I found the long sleeve one there (similar here). I also fell in love with the off the shoulders one from lookbookstore, which is sold out but I found similar ones here, here, here and here. (By the way this is one of my favorite online shopping website and they have an amazing selection of white dresses, perfect for all the wedding related events ! Love this onethis one and this one.)
I didn’t really know when to change dress but the weather that day gave me no choice !

After the civil ceremony, the plan was to go with Kasia to the field where the picnic was supposed to take place to have our couple portraits in nature and then the rest of the guests were going to join us, led by my sister, by foot (it was a 10 min walk).

We started taking photos as soon as we got in the field and the sky looked really threatening but we thought that it would be fine. It turns out we were wrong 😉

It started with rain, then heavy winds and finally thunder and lightning. We escaped from the rain in the forest and then tried to call my sister to tell her not to bring everyone. I could already imagine everyone soaked (especially my grandmother who had just done her hair !!). My sister arrived alone with a plastic bag that I used to cover my hair. We ran to the house and we were totally soaked ! That gave me the opportunity to change dress aha.

Pierre’s shirt was see through and one of our friend ironed it for him aha.

Later during the day we went back to the field for the photos and we were better prepared (I was wearing rain boots !).

It’s funny how something going “wrong” during the day can make some of the best memories !