Love in a P51 Mustang

I believe that the best gifts are experiences, making memories that you will never forget. For Pierre’s 30th birthday, I wanted to find something special that he would remember forever. I also find it really hard to find gifts for men, especially since he already has the watch of his dream and the only thing he wants is a Porsche, which I cannot afford 😉

I found Vintage flights while looking for special flights in Belgium and when I saw they had a P51 Mustang and they were offering flights with it, I knew I had found the perfect gift ! Initially I was surprised by the price and I tried to find something cheaper but nothing was as cool as flying in an authentic WW II Mustang (if you’re interested, this aircraft was flown by Triple Ace Robin Olds). And the price is well worth the experience !

I kept the whole thing a surprise, so that morning, driving to Antwerp airport where the aircraft is located, Pierre had no idea of what he was going to do ! Even entering the airport he still didn’t know. Over there we met Kasia Bacq, who photographed our civil wedding in 2014. Pierre was so confused aha. We had gotten properly engaged (I will soon do an article about his proposal in the air for the full story) and I wanted to do an engagement session for our save the dates. Kasia took amazing photos of us and I will cherish them forever.

The morning started with a briefing about the Mustang and the all the misconceptions around it. At that point, Pierre looked at me like a kid and said « I’m going to fly in it ? ». Then they gave him (and me for the photos!) a flight suit and we proceeded to the aircraft. He got to fly for 30 min, with some time at the controls and a low pass (you don’t need to be a pilot to do this though, as the pilot with you is fully qualified and does take off and landing and everything else !).

He had stars in his eyes at the end and I was so happy to offer him such a great experience. The whole team at The aviation factory really makes it special as well !