Grandma’s kitchen

My grandmother is the best cook I know and I cannot count the times we have been invited for dinner at my grandparent’s place. I love cooking with her and she definitely gave me the love of cooking. Now that I live far, I always make seeing her a priority when I go back home and that usually includes a delicious lunch or dinner at her place. She always asks me what “menu” I want and I almost always ask for the same thing. Her staple recipes are the ultimate comfort food for me.

A few years ago, my sister Delphine and I found this “gift box” for Christmas, which allowed you to create your own recipe book. We loved the idea of making a book of our favorite recipes from our Grandma and we offered her the giftbox. Unfortunately we waited too long and the box expired. I had the idea of the cookbook in the back of my head since then and I decided to finally do it !

I want the book to be visually appealing and as close to a real cookbook as possible so I knew I needed pretty photos. The B Wings photographers came to my Grandma’s kitchen for a cooking morning in December. We had such a good time and my grandmother loved it ! They had already photographed us for the Kiss the bride festival and we really loved their photos and personalities !

One of my absolute favorite recipe is her lemon chicken which we ate countless times (my grandfather actually ate it so much that he can’t stand it anymore aha). I share the recipe at the end of the post 🙂

Is your Grandma your favorite cook ? What’s her staple recipe ?

Lemon chicken



6-8 chicken breasts

Heavy cream

4 lemons


1 cube of chicken stock


75g sugar

75g water

The day before or a few hours before cooking, soak the chicken breasts in heavy cream to make them extra creamy and let rest in the fridge until cooking.

Zest the lemons. In a small cooking pan, cook the zests with a bit of water until boiling. Discard the water. Add the 75g of sugar and water and cook until caramelized. In another cooking pan, cut the lemons in half and cook with a little bit of water and the chicken stock cube, until it creates a sauce.

Take the chicken breasts out of the cream and put them in the breadcrumbs. Cook in butter until golden. Serve with fresh pasta and the lemon sauce and caramelized zests.

Enjoy !!


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