Bora Bora

For our honeymoon we went to New Zealand (see my North Island post here and South Island post here). When I was planning our trip, I realized that Bora Bora was only a 4h30 hours flight away from NZ and we thought it would be the perfect way to finish our honeymoon.  

We traveled from Auckland to Tahiti with Air Tahiti Nui and we had to spend a night in Tahiti as flights to Bora Bora only depart in the morning. Because it was only for a night, we didn’t want to spend too much money so we booked the cheapest place we found on (which actually wasn’t that cheap but it’s French Polynesia !!). It was the most disgusting and horrible place that either of us has ever been too ! It’s pretty funny to talk about it now but on the moment it was a little less funny aha. The bedsheets were dirty, there was hair everywhere in the shower and we saw little cockroaches !! The good thing is that it made us appreciate the beautiful St Regis even more.

The next day we flew from Tahiti to Bora with Air Tahiti. It’s an expensive flight and there are no other options but apparently if you buy your ticket there instead of online in advance it’s cheaper. We didn’t know so we haven’t tried.

In French Polynesia it is legal to swim with whales and it’s one of my absolute dreams so I contacted Simon from Tohora Bora Bora. He told me that November wasn’t really the whale season anymore but that we would try. Unfortunately we didn’t see any whales, however we snorkeled with manta rays for 40 min and then with sharks. Priceless ! If you go during whale season, I highly recommend Simon, he’s super friendly and knowledgeable. We did that tour right after we landed as we could only check in at the hotel in the afternoon and then Simon took us to the hotel. We were greeted with flower necklaces.

There are a lot of hotels in Bora but we decided that since it was our honeymoon we would splurge ! We chose the St Regis hotel and I found a great deal on The hotel is beautiful, truly paradisiac and the service is the best we have ever encountered. We had a bottle of champagne waiting for us in the room with macarons.  We had a private butler (!!!) that we could call if we needed anything and he was so friendly. There are bicycles available everywhere around the hotel because it’s so big and we used them everyday (even at night after coming back from the restaurant, which is not recommended but is so fun!).

We really wanted to relax and make use of all the hotel amenities so we didn’t have much of a plan. We kayaked, snorkeled in the hotel lagoon (which has really beautiful corals), read and tanned, had 2 amazing massages,…

We were staying in an overwater bungalow which is truly a splurge but worth it if it’s your honeymoon and it fits in your budget. I will not lie, the St Regis and Bora in general are very expensive, which is why we stayed 3 days only, but we decided to choose quality over quantity and we didn’t regret it. One very expensive item is food, as everything is imported so we were choosing cheap dishes for lunch (Tahitian ceviche was amazing) and splurging at the luxury restaurants at night (my favorite was the Lagoon by Jean Georges !). I loved getting dressed nicely for dinner.

We are dreaming to go back to French Polynesia but next time we probably won’t stay in a luxury hotel, instead we’ll explore different islands and stay in Airbnb’s !