A proposal in the air

If you have read my civil wedding post, you already know that our story isn’t conventional. We actually got married with no proposal, and being a romantic soul, I really wanted my “princess proposal”. It’s another story but one of my ex’s actually proposed to me when I was 21 years old, and we were not happy together so that wasn’t in my plans at all (I gave him the ring back).

I have never been the girl to dream about my wedding, my parents being divorced, as a teenager I actually thought that marriage was useless as ‘everyone eventually divorces’. Then I met Pierre and I changed my mind ! But I still told him when we started dating that I didn’t ever want a proposal if we hadn’t talked about marriage before, and definitely not in a public place (my ex proposed in a restaurant and everyone looked at us !! horrible).

So even though we were already married, we knew we wanted to have a religious wedding and a big party and I told Pierre I wanted a proposal I always say that it’s hard to surprise me but he actually managed to do it. Being both divers, I really expected his proposal to be underwater during a dive ! He actually thought about it but then decided it was too risky to take the ring underwater.

For our one year civil wedding anniversary we went to the beautiful region of Auvergne, in France. It’s the region of volcanoes and amazing cheese, if you’ve never been I highly recommend it !

We were going to one of Pierre’s friend wedding and we decided to go a few days early to celebrate our anniversary. We stayed at the Chateau Saint Saturnin, a super romantic castle. The owners were so friendly and the breakfast was homemade with the best croissants and jams ! We had the room ‘Cardinal’, with the bathroom in the old dungeon.

I really wanted to do paragliding from the top of one the volcanoes but it was fully booked so I booked a hot air balloon tour. I had no idea that Pierre was searching for the ring and that he wanted to take me on a hot air balloon ! Pierre actually told me before we left that I shouldn’t expect a proposal anytime soon as it was taking a lot of planning (and that reinforced my feeling that it would be during a dive !).

We woke up very early for the flight and helped the team set up the balloon. Our pilot was super friendly and we were around 6 in the balloon. I wanted to book a private flight but it was too expensive.

The views are truly amazing, old volcanoes everywhere and castles on hills, so I was taking thousands of photos when Pierre whispered in my ear : ‘ I have something to ask you’. I was so surprised that I turned and said ‘Really?’ He then proposed with the most beautiful 3 stones ring. He knew I would say yes because we were already married but it truly was the romantic proposal of my dream. We spent the rest of the flight hugging and celebrating (and taking photos aha).

The next day we hiked the Mont Ventoux, it’s a very easy hike and on top we found a paragliding company that had available spots. They were super pro and friendly. We both loved the experience ! It reminded me of my glider days a bit.

It was a perfect romantic getaway !